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Mohammed Mosheal Al-Qarni Sons Company was founded by Late Mr. Mohammed M. Al-Qarni in the year 1972. The company has always found a remarkable management team under the umbrellla of which, MQS flourished day in day out all the way and beyond!

Description of Management

The executive management committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Khalid M. Al-Qarni - (President)
  • Mosheal M. Al-Qarni - (Vice-President)
  • Tariq M. Al-Qarni - (Managing Director)
  • Bandar M. Al-Qarni - (General Manager)

Mr. Khalid M. Al – Qarni:
Mr. Khalid M. Al – Qarni with long years of experience in construction business, Mr. Khalid has developed mature personality having very bright vision to uplift the organization to new heights. In his able guidance the company has found the right track of success.

Mr. Mosheal M. Al - Qarni:
Mr.Mosheal M. Al - Qarni, popularly known as Abu-Hatim is mainly involved in the field operations with soft and decent behavior. Consequently most of the workers, right from the managerial staff to bottom level workers are with the company from 10 to 20 years as Abu Hatim acts on the recommendations of the managers and appreciates good workers by regular appreciations. He considers every worker as an asset which is the reason that all workers give their best output and company is maintaining high profile, respect in business market.

Mr. Tariq M. Al – Qarni:
Mr. Tariq M. Al – Qarni having pleasant appearance along with the extra ordinary talent to convince & impress high profile personalities makes Mr. Tariq so successfully in all round achievements. His in-depth knowledge of Information Technology and world market has given rise to his business excellence.

Mr. Bandar M. Al - Qarni:
Mr. Bandar M. Al – Qarni , has a decent handsome, sharp & dynamic personality. His fluent out spoken & straight forward attitude helps to maintain the perfect discipline in every department of the company. His administrative, liaison & Information Technology expertise has given rise to the company to maintain its high reputation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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