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Mohammed M. Al-Qarni Sons Co. celebrating 35 years of service in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Mosheal Al-Qarni Sons Company (MQS) is celebrating 35 years of service in Saudi Arabia this year, as it continues to expand and diversify its portfolio of services. Committed to providing quality services to customers, MQS has a proven track record of more than three decades, mainly in petro-based pipeline installation, maintenance, industrial, mechanical and civil works.

The company was founded by the late Mohammed Mosheal Al-Qarni in 1972, which had vast and versatile experience in industrial and pipeline installation, construction, maintenance and procurement. Substantial growth over the years attests to the company’s success.

Last year, MQS signed a major agreement with Weldbend Corporation of the US, the world’s largest manufacturer of carbon steel pipes fittings and flanges, highlighting the capability of the Saudi firm in supplying to top-quality industrial products.

The agreement was signed by Weldbend representative Mohammed Dawood and MQS president Khalid Mohammed Al-Qarni in the presence of vice president Mosheal M Al-Qarni general manager Tariq Al-Qarni and asst. general manager Bandar Al-Qarni.

One year on, the new business partnership has provided a success, says a spokesperson. “There has been widespread interest in markets requiring MQS services,” he says. “Companies engaged in mega-industrial projects are encouraged to directly contact MQS main office at Dammam, as we can now provide all pipe fittings, flanges, elbows, tees, bends etc. in various diameters in both carbon steel and stainless steel.”

Company has a vision to be a leader in the oil in gas pipeline sector and is constantly on the look-out for companies in this field worldwide which are keen to take on a local partner and benefit from Saudi Arabia’s booming oil and gas market.
MQS strength is reinforced by a large fleet of its equipment and vehicles which include crane, boom trucks, loaders, backhoes, heavy trailers, flat beds, low beds, dump trucks, vacuum tankers, welding machines, fork lifts, compressors, sand blasting sets, generators, roller compactors, water pumps, crude oil tankers, and 4wd service vehicles.

Its major clients include Saudi Aramco, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the Saudi Electricity Company, the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, Sabic, the Eastern Province Cement Company and Marafiq. The services offered by MQS include, installation, maintenance and inspection pipelines of oil, gas and water, cathodic protection systems, scientific application in magnetic technology, sophisticated miniaturized electronics and extensive developments in hardware and software.

Company is able to offer professional advice, consultancy, turnkey construction, maintenance rehabilitation, protection and inspection service in the following fields: industrial oil, gas and water pipelines construction and installation; reconditioning and maintenance of all kinds of exposed and underground pipelines; construction, fabrication and maintenance of steel structures, tanks and towers; welding, hydro testing, general concrete rehabilitation and construction; concrete protection and coating; industrial and marine coatings; and rehabilitation of mechanical plant foundations.

“Over the years, MQS has assembled a team of highly qualified engineers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities and has provided them with an open professional working environment, allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities,” the spokesman says. He continues: “Dedicated administrative personnel provide the quality service that clients expect and deserve, while highly experience field staff, technically trained personnel and dedicated administrative staff is on hand to execute projects.

“All our employees are committed to MQS’ work ethics and strictly follow the company’s central objective to provide quality service.

“Our technical and skilled workers are capable of working in different environments with best standards, continuously expanding their knowledge,” he adds.
Over the years, MQS has diversified its business into other sectors including the challenging computers industry, building construction maintenance, the hotel industry as well as interior design, in collaboration with multinationals from Malaysia and Singapore.

MQS is planning to enter other fields also and is seeking agencies, dealership, partnership and joint ventures with multinational companies ken to do business in Saudi Arabia.

“The company is desirous to join hands with organizations where its skills and expertise can be best utilized,” the spokesman adds.


source: www.oilandgasnewsworldwide.com

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